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Lazy sundays make for some quiet time that occasionally gets a little noisy. You get to watch me lounge on the couch of my new apartment, wearing a soft black sweater and some lacy black panties. It doesn't take long for my fingers to wander south, and you get to watch me play with myself, working up such a fervor that my naughty mouth can't help from uttering salacious requests in the heat of the moment. Six minutes of fingerplay, with a bit of dirty talk towards the end.
TBT Video - Throwback thursday video. I thought I would Treat you with an extra special treat for valentines day, I sundai on me :) of course after you eat my candy bra and panties off of me first. I really hope you find me yummy
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I'm tired from work and decide to take care of some naughty business with my Hitachi.
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You love watching Pixie yawn dont you? And you love her red lips as well. So she decides to yawn for you, very close to the camera, so you can see and hear everything. She wipes her eyes as they get teary from yawning so much. Watch her yawn up close in two different positions
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My dream is for someone to catch me making vids like this, and to be used like the slutty whore that I am. Watch as I fuck my pussy while 60 students are in class and any one of them can walk out of the many doors in the frame. I can't help but get so horny from this and cum so fast. Right when I cum, someone walks into the hallway probably cause of how loud I was. I spend the rest of the video wandering around campus, sucking on my dildo whenever I can
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You are under my desk watching me finger my pussy while I talk on the phone wearing open-toed heels and a short dress.
My boyfriend has been ignoring me for his stupid games lately and all I want to do is be fucked! I tell you how bad I want you and your dick and suck on my dildo wishing it was you.(ends a little abruptly because I dropped my camera hehe)
This Exotic, Bratty Goddess in her Shiny, Pink Bikini wants you to know something...Have you guess what it is yet? Huh? Have you? Here, I'll give you a hint, asshole... I AM WAYYY TOO FUCKING GOOD FOR YOU. You know that by now, don't you? I've never met a Man that is up to my standards, and I know that you're not even close to reaching them. So take out your sad, loser dick and start stroking for a Perfection that you know is so far out of your league, it hurts
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